The expert’s guide to crying at work

August 28, 2017 0Lifestyle

Recent research from the Harvard Business School has found the secret to turning tears into workplace gold: make them evidence of your professional passion. (Shutterstock/File

The conventional wisdom on crying at work is, well, don’t. It’s unprofessional, it makes other people uncomfortable, and women in particular come off as weak when they do it.

Yet, despite the stigma, many do it. In one survey of 13,000 people, 10 percent of respondents reported holing up in an office bathroom stall to let it all out. Another survey of 700 people found that 41 percent of female respondents and 9 percent of male respondents admitted to crying at work. I’ve done it at my desk in an open office space. And while reporting this story, many of my colleagues, men and women alike, have …

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