5 overlooked secrets of a great email

January 29, 2018 0Lifestyle

Whether you are a sales person, account manager, content marketer, public relations specialist, or any profession that uses email for day-to-day communication, sending the right email to the right contact will increase the success rate. (Shutterstock/File)

Email is the most used tool for communication at the workplace, yet also the most misunderstood.

As a content marketer at a Kuala Lumpur-based startup that operates in seven Southeast Asian countries, I used email for 90 percent of my external communication. Poorly written, unclear, misleading or ineffective emails cause not only a loss of time and productivity, but they also harm one’s reputation as it leaves a poor impression on the receiver.

I spent a lot of time reading articles about email outreach and conducted a/b testing to see which type of email is effective for…

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