Business professionals facing more stress now than 5 years ago: Survey

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More than half of senior managers and business owners here and overseas are feeling under greater stress now than they were five years ago, a survey claims.

Fifty-five per cent in Singapore and 53 per cent globally say they are under more pressure, according to research results released on Thursday.

Common stressful situations encountered here were accommodating last minute changes to meetings, which 75 per cent of respondents here found stressful, and working outside of office hours, which affected ….

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Indonesian CEOs seek balanced life for family, careers

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It was a strange sight – an all-male panel of CEOs talking about family and equality at the workplace.

But as CEO Shinta W. Kamdani said, men should also be involved in taking care of children and the household, therefore “conversations on family and gender equality […] must also be a man’s business.”

The CEOs are “male champions,” which could be a benchmark for gender equality in the workplace, said Shinta, who leads the Indonesian Business Coalition for ….

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The biggest time suck at the office might be your computer

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It was the third hour of doing nothing that broke James Scott.

The 25-year-old researcher was sitting at his desk at an insurance firm in northern England when the internet went down. And with it went access to all of his files, which were sitting on a company server.

“Being without the internet is manageable, just about,” he said. “I’d just work on projects that didn’t require online research. But being unable to…

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It’s not enough to give employees flexible work schedules

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Six months after her baby was born, Amanda Sanchez still couldn’t imagine returning full-time to her job in marketing at Adobe’s Lehi, Utah, offices. Her family’s finances depended on it—but 40 hours a week away from her baby? “You become so attached, it’s so hard to think of being away for an hour at a time,” she said. She hoped to return to work with a more flexible schedule, working from home at least a few days a week, but she hadn’t discussed it with her manager before going on leave. She figured she’d push for it once she got back. “If it wasn’t going to be offered, I’d look elsewhere for it, because it….

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Whatever your style, here’s 20 tips to kick it up a notch

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Whether you’re a style virgin, someone who doesn’t think they have style, or already style savvy and just looking to kick it up a notch, these tips can help renew your excitement about your wardrobe:

1.  Browse the mall and notice which of the brands or designers tends to attract your eye.

2.  Even if these brands are too expensive or don’t fit you, ask yourself what you like about them. Is it the texture, the color, the silhouette?

3.  Keep a scrapbook of style inspiration, either in a journal or digitally. Remember to keep updating it every time you see something new that you like because your tastes will evolve.

Cull the scrapbook regularly to get rid of things you….


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Career event to help Indonesian students in UK get jobs back home

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Indonesian students in the United Kingdom are invited to a career event at King’s College London on April 29.

‘Wake Up Indonesia!’ is said to be the first Indonesian career event in the country. It aims to connect Indonesian graduates of UK universities with large Indonesian companies.

The one-day event will feature different programs for undergraduate and post-graduate students ….

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Workaholics more prone to psychiatric disorders: Study

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Intense competition and pressure at work can easily turn you into a workaholic. If you already happen to be one, listen up, as you could be at a heightened risk of psychiatric disorders.

According to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Bergen in Norway, which involved 16,426 working adults from various social backgrounds, there are significant differences between workaholics and people who are more relaxed …

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Five things millenials can learn from ‘Don’t Sweat Small Stuff at Work’

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Richard Carlson’s first book Don’t Sweat Small Stuff brought so many benefits to my personal and professional life. How we interact with other human beings, become a good listener, how to deal with stressful situations and much more.

I recently read another great book from Richard Carlson called Don’t Sweat Small Stuff at Work. This book focuses on personal development in the workplace. Just like the previous book, he wrote 100 points in…..

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Four reasons millennials remain at workplaces

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As someone born in the 1990s, now is the time for me to find the best place for my career.

Finding one is a challenge. Even though there lots of places to apply to, millennials have unique characteristics when it comes to workplace. These things are affected by information that we get from social media, television and other sources of information.

Another challenge we faced is stereotyping about millennials. People say we are lazy, place too high standards about work and are constant job hoppers.

Most of the time the stereotyping is wrong. Millennials have specific characteristics that people can’t generalized; because one system doesn’t fit different….

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Traits of millennials and why they are good for your business

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As someone who was born in the early 1990s, I had the privilege of enjoying the world before technology developed rapidly, putting everyone behind screens.

I played hide and seek, weaved rubber bands with friends so we could play rope, knead clay at school and carried a Walkman wherever I went. A few years later I started to use a computer, replaced my Walkman with an MP3 player and had my first mobile phone. Now it’s been five months since I started working with…

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