How employers in Indonesia can harness the full potential of female employees

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In the past few years, Indonesia has experienced an average of 5 percent annual gross domestic product (GDP) growth. This could be partly attributed to the increasing population of women in the workforce—almost five times as more in the past three years alone.

Yet, Indonesia was ranked only 88th in the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2016. At the corporate level, creating the conditions to increase participation of women in the workforce remains challenging and complex.

Where should employers begin? 

Diversity and inclusion requires deliberate effort. In Indonesia, many organizations have identified diversity management as a top priority and set minimum quotas for hiring women in their organizations, together with strategies to meet these quotas.

In the recent Aon Best Employers Indonesia study, it was discovered that engagement levels among women have increased 1.8 percent year on year from 2013 to 2016—despite the decrease across Indonesia. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, and the drivers for engagement are dynamic to each organization, the study showed that there are common traits among organizations where the engagement levels for ….

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Making plans is good, but life is what you make it

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One day I had a conversation about life with two young friends of mine. They were in their mid 20s and full of energy.

I loved hearing about how they were dealing with the same things I dealt with when I was their age. We each talked about how we had planned our life, including our career, love life, financial plans, ambitions etc.

Making plans is good because it means there is focus in our life. However, no matter how eager we are in planning our life, there are, unfortunately, things that we just cannot control.

Young people tend to make plans to study, score an ideal job or even get married by a certain age. Little do they know, the last one is something that is hard to…

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Jobs in start-up companies most attractive for millenials

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Korean online job-seeking platform Jobplanet said on Thursday that millennials in Indonesia were becoming more interested in working for start-up companies, especially in the IT industry.

Jobplanet chief product officer Kemas Antonius said young people were willing to work for tech start-ups because they offered dynamic work environments, good career prospects, and attractive employee benefits and compensation.

“The IT industry is booming now because of mushrooming tech start-ups. Previously, when young people looked for jobs, they [targeted] established private or state-owned companies,” he said in a discussion in Jakarta.

Jobplanet’s survey from November 2015 to October 2016 of 470,000 employees across the country revealed that mobile commerce start-up Sale Stock topped the list of best companies….

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How the six-hour workday actually saves money

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In February, after almost two years worth of six-hour workdays, nurses at the Svartedalens elderly care facility in Gothenburg, Sweden went back to eight hour shifts—despite recently published research showing the benefits of the shortened workdays.

The City of Gothenburg didn’t extend the experiment in part because funding ran out. It cost about 12 million krona ($1.3 million) to hire the 17 extra staff members needed to fill the gaps created by shorter work hours. The city had only budgeted for two years, and legislators said it would be too expensive to implement the project across the ….

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Four reasons why you should try co-working

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In this digital era, people are now able to work outside their cubicles. The trend toward a flexible workstyle has grown rapidly, especially thanks to the popularity of co-working spaces, which have been popping up across Jakarta.

Apart from improving creativity and increasing productivity, below are the benefits of co-working according to

Networking and collaboration

Co-working can be perceived as a time to meet new people of diverse backgrounds and abilities, which will help expand your professional network as well as create new opportunities to collaborate with one another.


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Survey reveals most female-friendly industries in Indonesia

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A recent survey by career site Jobplanet suggests that despite the low number of female workers, companies and industries in Indonesia could be regarded as female-friendly.

According to the site’s survey on satisfactory levels in company culture, career paths and work-life balance, industries like information technology (IT), banking and finance, and institutions like the government, social agencies and nongovernmental organizations, scored high in the three aspects.

“It shows that these three industries could be considered the most friendly industries toward women; they provide the chance for them to develop their careers and potentials,” said Jobplanet chief product officer Kemas Antonius in…

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Why you shouldn’t go to work when you’re sick

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Whether you’ve caught the common cold, a burning fever or the occasional sore throat, it is better to skip work rather than infect your co-workers with germs.

Dr. Peter McGough, medical director at the University of Washington health clinic in the United States, said, as quote by the Seattle Times, that “if you have a fever over 38 degrees Celsius, or if you’re aching all over, it is a good sign to stay home”.

Going to the office when you are sick is called “contagious presenteeism”, and, according to …..

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Best ways to deal with office politics

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Office politics is a fact of life. So the sooner you accept it, and learn how to play it, the better.

Trust me, it doesn’t matter where you go, there will always be office politics. It would be best for you to know how to deal with it like a champ.

The term politics generally has a bad association in our minds. Break down the word and you get poly, or “many”, and tics, or “blood-sucking parasites”. One could argue that some government politics can be defined in just that fashion.

Even with my small team of staff, or when I deal with clients, there is always some….


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Five tips to becoming a productive remote worker

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In this digital era, remote work has become a way of life. Attendance is no longer compulsory in some companies as they have turned to key performance indicators (KPI) to evaluate employees’ productivity.

However, remote work is not as easy as it sounds. Although workers are given the opportunity to choose the most comfortable way to work, they still need to accomplish the company’s goals and….

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How balancing feminine, masculine energy can create better leaders

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Aulia Halimatussadiah
Co-founder and Chief Content Officer of Zetta Media Network

I was in Moscow, Russia, speaking in a women and technology panel at the Asia Forum when someone in the audience asked me: Who do I think is the most creative leader, a man or a woman?

It hit me: We’ve been connecting leadership traits with gender, when they are supposed to be tied to feminine and masculine energy. Whoever holds more feminine energy in them, can be more creative than the others. Having said that, a man can be more creative than a woman if he has more feminine energy.

Before we go further, I need to explain a little bit more about feminine and masculine energy.

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