Three attitudes to avoid if you want to retain your employees

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As communication expert Matthew Adams once said, “Leadership is humility exercised for your employees, since it is what can make your company grow.”

As reported by, leadership is not about telling your workers what they should do. It is instead about putting your employees in the right position so that they can help your company grow.

Below are three things you should avoid if you want to keep your ….


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You can’t be stressed out with a cat right in your face

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Workaholic Japan is known for long office hours and stressed out employees, but one company claims to have a cure: Cats.

A total of nine fluffy felines eat, sleep and walk freely in the small office of IT firm Ferray in Tokyo.

Hidenobu Fukuda, who heads the firm, introduced an “office cat” policy in 2000 upon request from one of his employees, allowing staffers to bring ….

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How to sit correctly at your desk

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For all the people working desk jobs, the aches and pains you get from sitting all day are expected.

While it’s well known that to combat this, moving around as much as possible is necessary, it’s not always the most practical. To address health concerns that come with sitting for long stretches of time, the Cleveland Clinic has some tips, as compiled by Travel+Leisure.

To find the correct posture, they recommend you sit on the edge of your seat. From there, let yourself slouch before sitting up straight and accentuating the curve of your back as much as possible. Hold this, then relax from the position slightly. This should be how you sit, and …

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Five signs you are way too stressed

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Getting caught in the hustle and bustle of everyday life can make it difficult to notice the symptoms of stress, but if you’ve been suffering from some of these physical side effects, you might need to pause and take a breather.

Constant headaches

Stress can cause headaches, thanks to tension in the jaw. According to InStyle, these types of headaches are typically a dull pain in the back of the head or in the forehead, and can last anywhere from half an hour to a handful of days. If untreated, they can turn into ….


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California tech firms allow employees to bring dogs to work

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Some tech companies in California, United States, are said to allow employees to bring their dogs to the office.

As reported by Antara news agency, the dogs’ presence is seen as a way to help boost employee productivity by relieving stress and improving the work environment.

Santa Monica-based artificial intelligence tech firm GumGum is among the companies that encourage employees to bring dogs to the office. The company’s chief executive Ophir Tanz says that in the …

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Swedish six-hour workday runs into trouble: It’s too costly

admin July 5, 2017 0

Swedes looking forward to a six-hour workday just got some bad news: the costs outweigh the benefits.

A two-year experiment cutting working hours while maintaining pay levels for nurses at Svartedalen old people’s home in the Swedish city of Gothenburg is now nearing the end. The take away was largely positive, with nurses at the home feeling healthier, which…

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France implements ‘right to disconnect’ from work emails

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France reportedly made a breakthrough in the working world by implementing “a right to disconnect” law starting Jan. 1.

As reported by, this new law obliged employers to clearly state when their employees were allowed to not check their emails as part of their office regulations, such as after working hours or during holidays.

Those who supported the law said employees in this modern era were becoming stressed, suffered sleeping problems and other issues because of overtime …

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Struggling with stress? Consider exercising, study says

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There are many ways to handle stress and mental blocks, but it turns out that exercising is one thing definitely worth considering.

Stress from work is said to not only have the potential to disturb mental health but also physical health as it can raise heart disease risks, such as  blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Fortunately, according to the Medicine & Science In Sports & Exercise journal, being fit significantly helps decrease stress levels ….

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Business professionals facing more stress now than 5 years ago: Survey

admin June 21, 2017 0

More than half of senior managers and business owners here and overseas are feeling under greater stress now than they were five years ago, a survey claims.

Fifty-five per cent in Singapore and 53 per cent globally say they are under more pressure, according to research results released on Thursday.

Common stressful situations encountered here were accommodating last minute changes to meetings, which 75 per cent of respondents here found stressful, and working outside of office hours, which affected ….

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Indonesian CEOs seek balanced life for family, careers

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It was a strange sight – an all-male panel of CEOs talking about family and equality at the workplace.

But as CEO Shinta W. Kamdani said, men should also be involved in taking care of children and the household, therefore “conversations on family and gender equality […] must also be a man’s business.”

The CEOs are “male champions,” which could be a benchmark for gender equality in the workplace, said Shinta, who leads the Indonesian Business Coalition for ….

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