Women in Tech: Female Daily Network founders share their success story

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Dian Arthen
The Jakarta Post

Female Daily Network’s office in the hip area of Kemang is a woman’s fantasy of corporate life. The back wall of the office decked out in pink tones, casually-dressed female employees — some busy taking photographs of beauty products, others testing them — and that distinct smell you usually find in a salon wafting throughout the two-story office.

“We have a hip-hop dance class every Wednesday night here,” says Hanifa Ambadar, the company’s CEO.

The idea of creating a community-based website first came from Hanifa when she was living in the US. Back then, writing about fashion and beauty was merely a hobby for her. However, she saw that the online world was rapidly growing in that country, and thought Indonesia would soon be hit by the same trend.

She decided to create an official online beauty hub and asked Afi Assegaf to join in 2007 as co-founder and beauty director. Novita Imelda was one of the early members who later joined the team in 2011 as an investor and also serves as operational director of the company.

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