Parental pressure: A fine line between caring and caring too much

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Parents want the best for their children. They oft dream of their children attending the best of universities and then securing a most respectable job in modern society.

They work and earn so they can care for their child.

While a secure and happy family environment is considered a bare necessity for healthy growth and development, there is a fine line between caring and caring too much. Parental pressure has led to the most horrible scenarios.

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Indonesian writers go freelance to find freedom in changing industry

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Journalism, as a profession, enjoyed stable development in Indonesia before economic cutbacks hit the media sector. In addition to that, technological change has altered not only the structure of the industry but also expended the role of journalists in production processes.

Given the rise of online collaboration tools and remote work, it stands to reason that more firms are running and growing their businesses with fewer employees, by shifting more often to on-demand assignments. Many organizations have relaxed their professional norms and include atypical resources to keep up with audience demands and engagement.

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Seven easy yet powerful ways to boost your career

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Improving your performance at work should be your top priority if you are to grow your career, make a living out of it and develop yourself on a personal level. As important as this is, getting it done has never been easy. 

Here are seven ways to improve your work performance and succeed in your career:

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Losing smartphone may be more stressful than breaking up: Study

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A recent report by Kaspersky Lab indicates that many people value their digital memories more than they value other forms of data stored on their digital devices, Antara reported.

Such a finding was obtained through a combination of an online survey involving 16,250 users from 17 countries and a study by the University of Wurzburg, Germany. It revealed that 49 percent of respondents considered private, sensitive photos of themselves to be the most important data stored on their digital devices, followed by photos of their children and spouses.

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Your messy work desk might be giving off a bad impression: Study

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While most Indonesians long for a vacation, a recent survey has found that some may be wasting precious days off merely because of a lack of planning.

Marcus Ingleby, senior brand manager of California-based winery Beringer Vineyards, said a regional survey commissioned by the company in July found that 1 in 2 Indonesians on average were wasting four days of their annual leave.

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Japan modernizing workplace conditions to lure mothers back

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With Japan’s demographic challenges causing a workforce crunch that is proving difficult for companies to overcome, many are now offering flexible conditions to allow new mothers to return to full-time careers while maintaining their work-family balance.

As companies tackle ways to modernize Japan’s work practices, some are keen to allow employees to set their own hours, or work from home.

More women, afraid their careers will stagnate while they are on maternity leave, are welcoming the new climate that makes it easier for couples to share the load.

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Why getting fired is worse than divorce or death of a spouse

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“It’s just not working out” may be some of the most heartbreaking words in the English language, leading to months of anguish, self-questioning and sleepless nights. Even worse: when they come from your boss.

Fired employees never quite recover to the same level of well-being, a measure that includes mental health, self-esteem and satisfaction with life, according to data provided to Bloomberg this week from a review of more than 4,000 research papers.

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Three tips for becoming a professional makeup artist

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In the past few years, beauty enthusiasts have begun to pursue careers in makeup as the occupation of makeup artist is commonly perceived to be a way to earn millions of rupiah within hours.

However, becoming a makeup artist is not as easy as buying the makeup tools. One needs to be persistent and professional at the same time.

Three generations of makeup artists — Irwan Riady, Adi Adrian and Marlene Hariman — shared three essential tips that could help one become a professional makeup artist during a recent media gathering for the Face on Point tutorial book.

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The highest paying jobs in Indonesia revealed

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Indonesia’s continued economic growth has driven robust recruitment activity in 2017, according to recruitment firm Roberts Walters in its latest annual survey, as it predicts strong demand in 2018 for talent across all sectors apart from oil, gas and mining.

The survey, which looked at the job market in the Southeast Asian region, shared optimistic predictions for 2018 by suggesting that the region’s economic outlook, ongoing digitalization and steady market expansion are set to drive salary growth.

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