Indonesians optimistic in achieving success, survey says

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Across Asia-Pacific, Indonesia is ranked the most optimistic in achieving success in one year, according to a recent global study by LinkedIn.

Of all people from six countries surveyed in the study, the highest percentage of optimistic individuals, 16 percent, were Indonesians. This number is followed by India (10 percent), Singapore (3 percent), Australia (3 percent), Hong Kong (3 percent) and China (2 percent).

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8 signs of brain tumor not to ignore

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A brain tumor is a mass or growth of abnormal cells in the brain, with symptoms that can feel like everyday ailments such as a headache or feeling moody. Any growth inside the brain, enclosed by a very rigid skull, can cause the pressure to increase. This can lead to brain damage and is life-threatening.

People with a brain tumor may experience the following symptoms or signs, as compiled by Reader’s Digest.

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Five ways to stop overthinking

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Thinking extensively about an issue or exhausting all possible angles of a scenario can eventually trap the brain in a continuous state of worry.

Here are several tips by Reader’s Digest on how to stop yourself from getting lost in a never-ending train of thought.

Be aware of when it starts 

An important first step to put a halt to overthinking is to know when you are doing it. Take note when you notice yourself starting to feel stressed or anxious. In that moment, try to stop and take a step back to survey the whole situation.

By learning to become aware of when you begin to overthink, it will be easier to stop it from continuously happening.

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Women who work nights face higher cancer risk: Study

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Women who regularly work the night shift in Europe and North America may face a 19 percent higher risk of cancer than those who work during the day, said a study Monday.

These heightened risks were not apparent among female night-shift workers in Australia and Asia, said the meta-analysis in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention.

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These are the most germ-infested items in your office

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We go through every day with a casual disregard for the germs around us.

However, The Independent  reports that the average desk contains 400 times more germs than a toilet seat and, as revealed by research from the University of Arizona, we humans are the most common source of this bacteria.

Visualizations show that many of the most germ-infested objects are present in office environment, all of which contain microflora. The worst part about this is that using these objects is so second-nature that it feels we know our hygiene all too well.

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5 tips for staying inspired in your career

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“Be passionate about what you want to do”. That is the number one most common thing people might tell us when we begin our career. Being unhappy with your job will lead you nowhere. But how do you stay interested working in the same career for the rest of your life, and how do you find meaning behind your work?

Here are five tips that you could use according to Forbes  to stay invested and interested in your career:

1. Find out why

You have to know your whys. In short, you have to question why you do what you do. It will help you to connect on a personal level to your career, and it will encourage you to climb the career ladder faster.


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‘Death by overwork’: Occupational hazard for Japan’s media

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The news that a young reporter at Japan’s public broadcaster had worked herself to death came as little surprise to those inside the country’s media, where a culture of excessively long hours has become the norm.

“I thought it would happen eventually because we work like crazy… like a slave,” said a journalist at one of Japan’s major newspapers.

“I really thought I would die,” she told AFP on condition of anonymity, recalling her days chasing after the prime minister and lawmakers in Tokyo, when she would routinely come home from work at 1:00 am and wake up four hours later.

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LinkedIn will allow researchers to mine its data

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Once upon a time, Facebook Inc. allowed academic researchers access to its data. We know how that story ends: with the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Now LinkedIn Corp., the professional social networking site owned by Microsoft Corp., says it will open its vast trove of data to academic researchers.

But this time the company, whose chief data officer, Igor Perisic, made the announcement in a blog post on Monday, said it’s putting controls in place to protect user privacy.

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LinkedIn reveals buzzwords most overused by Indonesian professionals

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“Specialized” and “leadership” were named the two most overused buzzwords written by Indonesian professionals on their profiles in 2016, according to business and employment-oriented social networking service LinkedIn.

According to LinkedIn’s data, the words were frequently used because most of the professionals were trying to highlight their specific skills and leadership abilities.

The company’s senior director and head of corporate communications for the Asia-Pacific region, Roger Pua, said in a press release that business professionals needed to make sure that their achievements and skills are reflected in the LinkedIn profiles. “While words may be an easier way to describe you, they may not be effective in bringing you to life as a professional, especially since everyone is using the same buzzwords,” he said.


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Greater Jakarta ranked fourth most connected city on LinkedIn

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Business and employment-oriented social networking platform LinkedIn announced on Tuesday that it had 500 million users worldwide.

Among the 500 million users, LinkedIn Asia Pacific managing director Olivier Legrand told The Jakarta Post via telephone that there were more than 8 million LinkedIn users in Indonesia.


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