Here are websites to find freelance work

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Those who want professional freedom can join websites that connect job posters with freelancers. (Shutterstock/-)

In this digital era where you can get an internet connection nearly everywhere, it is easier than ever to find work as a freelancer.

Those who want more professional freedom can join websites that provide spaces for job posters and freelancers to meet on one platform. There are millions of jobs posted on those websites, allowing freelancers to bid, pick and work on the projects that suit their experiences and expertise.

For those who are not yet aware of how these website works, we have listed and reviewed five …

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The ups and downs of successful freelancers

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Marischka Prudence - Photo courtesy of Marischka Prudence

In the past, society often overlooked freelancers because the general perspective was that freelancing had less prestige than having a settled and secured job with a well established company.

But now, the monetary and time flexibility benefits offered by freelancing have lured more and more professionals to make the daring decision of to quit their jobs and become full-time…

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Experts weigh in on the right amount of sleep

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Sleep may be the key to better mental health according to a recent study from South Korea. (Shutterstock/-)

Research has found that we can train our bodies to require less sleep — the only catch is that this will not work for everyone.

“There are more people who would like to need less sleep than who actually need less sleep,” stated Dr. Daniel Buysse, professor of psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh and a past president of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, as quoted by Time.

Physical activity and age are important factors in determining how much rest one needs, but most fit adults receive between seven and nine hours of sleep every night. However, one third of Americans get less than seven…

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Study suggests a good night’s sleep can help prevent depression

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Sleep may be the key to better mental health according to a recent study from South Korea. (Shutterstock/-)

Sleep may be the key to better mental health according to a recent study from South Korea.

Researchers at the Workplace Mental Health Institute at the Kangbuk Samsung Medical Center studied over 200,000 workers, aged between 20 and 40 years, who had visited the medical center for check-ups in 2014.

Shin Young-chul, the head of the institute, and his team found that among those who slept just four hours a day, the pervasiveness of depression was…

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Visualize your schedule to make time for yourself

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How can you make time for yourself in your busy schedule? With the next fiscal year just about to start on April 1, some experts on time management shared their knowledge on this subject. (Shutterstock/File)

Women are kept busy by many things every day, from tasks like shopping and cooking to company jobs and child-rearing. How can you make time for yourself in your busy schedule? With the next fiscal year just about to start on April 1, some experts on time management shared their knowledge on this subject.

Megumi Shimada, who works for the public relations department of a cosmetics company in Tokyo, is concerned about her inability to use her daily time better. Her morning starts with confirming the day’s schedule and checking the news. During the day she is swamped with work, and in the evening she often meets with her colleagues to…

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How to succeed (and fail) at a job interview in Japan

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A student bows at a jobs fair in Tokyo. (Bloomberg/Tomohiro Ohsumi)

Ever thought about how many times to knock on the door when you are heading into a job interview? In Japan, it matters.

A shortage of young people means there are two job openings for every applicant in Tokyo, prompting some Japanese companies to consider hiring foreign workers. But an interview can be an etiquette minefield, particularly for a non-native. Even Japanese students have to be drilled on the code, so it’s all the more important for outsiders to be aware of the rules.

“It’s kind of a test of how well you’re trying to fit in,” said Rochelle Kopp, who runs Japan Intercultural Consulting, which helps multicultural workplaces function better. Here’s what you need to …

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Big salary gap between low, high level IT employees: Jobplanet

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Based on the analysis result by Jobplanet, the average minimum monthly salary for IT workers is only around Rp 1 million; some even less than that. (Shutterstock/-)

The salary gap between low- and high-level employees working in the IT industry in Indonesia is quite huge, according to a report by

Based on an analysis by career reference website Jobplanet, which involved 6,500 IT workers across 35 provinces as respondents — 78 percent of whom were low-level employees and 22 percent high-level ones — the huge salary gap could especially be found in professions such as …

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Survey ranks public speaking, childcare as most stressful occupations in Indonesia

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A recent survey involving staff from different industries countrywide examined stress levels based on the employees' own assessments of their work-life balance. (Shutterstock/File)

Public speaking and childcare have been named the most stressful occupations in Indonesia by research conducted by career site Jobplanet.

Other occupations deemed stressful are roles in dental clinics, the textile industry and radiology.

On the contrary, microelectronic engineers, copyright lawyers and UI/UX developers were recognized as the least stressful occupations in …


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Companies encourage holidays, weekends without email

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Concerns about intraoffice emails on days off have been raised overseas. (Shutterstock/-)

Corporate employees often feel stressed and unable to relax from dealing with work emails on Saturdays and Sundays. Yet some companies are encouraging their employees to avoid emailing outside of working hours so their days off will be truly “off.”

The practice could also help eliminate useless messages and make work more efficient. The issue has been raised overseas in the form of the debate ….

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5 reasons working remotely is more beneficial for startups

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A young woman works with a laptop on a pier, also using smartwatch and a smartphone. (Shutterstock/File)

Some say that working remotely provides them with a more flexible environment. Most importantly, they believe that it makes it less likely one will fall into the monotonous daily grind.

The concept of start-up establishment often involves employees working outside of office premises. One of the common advantages is that employees are allowed to spend less money than they usually do on transportation, particularly if their homes are far away from the office.

Below are five interesting points that may show the…

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